STEP 1: Identify page speed issues

Identify whether your website is optimized or not. There are many ways to identify whether your website is technically optimized or not. For starters, if it takes half an hour to load (check the load time on Google Page Speed Insights or or if it’s unresponsive or unusable on other devices other than a desktop (check if it’s compatible for mobile use) or if any of the pages throw a 404 error then you have a problem.

STEP 2: Get in touch with us

Fill the form on the contact us page and we will be in touch to assess the amount of work your website needs and recommend the right optimization package for you. If you are Toronto based we can arrange for a free consultation by calling at 437-239-5959 where we can explain the entire optimization process and the best course of action for you moving forward.

STEP 3: Select the Package

Once you have been filled in on the details on how to proceed simply follow the payment procedure and let the work commence.

STEP 4: Let us take over

This is a waiting period. You will be given regular updates and kept abreast with the progress of your website. The optimization process takes no more than 4 days and you’ll see instant results. We share before and after reports of the optimization so you can gauge the difference yourself with the help of numbers.

STEP 5: Result Delivery

The work will be delivered to your satisfaction and you can now enjoy your fully optimized website!

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