WP Total cache and wordpress slider not working

If you started using wp total cache. Everything may seem to be working well, improved site speed and performance but then your slider image disappears from the homepage. Upon deactivating the plugin, it reappears. So what could be the reason, why would it do this or is just a conflict with the theme?

We are not using revolution slider but rather another slider called Soliloqy.

It could be a conflict with the minify settings. As someone was using wp total cache on one of their websites too, and have a slider (revolution slider) and got it to show up again by excluding all of its js to be placed on the footer using wp fastest cache. Works great, as the sites super fast but you have to pay for premium services for like combined js files.

Someone else always used simple cache as the caching plugin on most sites, and added a bunch of codes to .htaccess. Installed better minify plugin too. Maybe try that better minify plugin? Worth a try. You’ll probably have to exclude the slider’s Javascript from the minification process in W3 Total Cache to get it to work.

While someone had so many problems with wp total cache that he switched to comet cache, it works much better in terms of not screwing up the website and still provides a good speed boost.

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