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What is TheSpeedTrain?

We are your complete website management company. We develop and optimize WordPress websites to load faster than the speed of train.

From the website launching phase to troubleshooting to SEO, we provide you with customized solutions that will enhance your digital footprint and boost your website to top 10 for both Google desktop and mobile search engines.

How do we design websites? 

We work with our clients on selecting themes that best suits their needs. Our expertise in designing WordPress websites with Elementor have yielded the best results for clients who are looking for a high conversion rate with top SEO ranking and wanting to make sure their website runs error-free on Google Search Console and Google Structured Data.

The key is to keep the design simple and sleek to retain the user’s attention in a span of 3 seconds. Structured websites work best to help users navigate effectively and gain most out of the website visit. User interaction is of paramount importance today for Google SEO so website design will reflect that.

Recent Deliveries of WordPress Optimization


How do we optimize websites for Google PageSpeed Insights & Gtmetrix?

Our different types of optimization include WordPress database optimization which involves removing traces of any deleted plugins that usually leave their saved settings in the database.

  • Image optimization which ensures there is no degradation in image quality (we optimize up to 40% and in some cases even 80%).
  • HTML optimization which includes tidying up the HTML and removing all blank spaces and invalid codes.
  • CSS and styling optimization which includes a full or basic CSS minification based on the website’s overall structure and layout.
  • Javascript optimization which includes merging JAVA scripts into one file and make them load asynchronously.
  • Caching is also a major part of our optimization gig which involves setting up the cache system in which we employ an action-based model as opposed to a time-based model.
  • Apart from this we also setup and install a free Content Delivery Network to reduce load time and server resources.
  • We even install and set up Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for WordPress websites to ensure a better ranking and reach for mobile SEO.

We have a record number of happy clients because we have managed to increase WordPress website performances to A(90%) Page Speed and/or YSlow (90%) on GTmetrix website.

We also provide Google Page Speed Insights optimization giving you above 80% on Desktop and 40% scores on Mobile. All before and after scores are shared for comparison. Check out our pricing for details.

Google has been pushing for its speed guidelines pretty hard these couple of months.

There’s no escape but to take what Lighthouse says to the letter. Not the most loved auditing tools, but it tells what they are expecting from website owners to do.

And it doesn’t focus only on pure page loading. They want the user experience to be fast too. FCP, FMP, TTI are part of their performance assessment.

Even worse… their speed index is based on your real audience experience. So, whoever/wherever your audience is at, the website needs to load fast, even if it’s in a remote region.

Lighthouse is the way to go and the only one that matters.

I think it’s all set to upgrade the speed to be one of the main ranking factors starting from 2020. It will probably be as important as content and backlinks. Google sets the rules.

How do we get ranked for top 10 SEO scores on Google?

We first understand the needs of our clients and then strategize on how to achieve their long-term digital goals. Visibility is key to success in this day and age but to go about it one needs constant fine tuning and content updates. We manage your content needs in line with ever-changing SEO guidelines, terms and policies and use monitoring tools to provide weekly growth reports.

Call us or Email us at info@thespeedtrain.com

We have expert knowledge of SEMrush, AHREF and Keyword Planner to ensure our clients are given detailed, professional reports to track results.