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Meet the Founders

In 2020, Pooya and Dilaira Dubash, a determined Zoroastrian couple from Pakistan, laid the foundation of The Speed Train in Canada.

The venture was a natural progression of their diverse yet complementary experiences.

Dilaira, with an eight-year journalistic background at The Express Tribune and a three-year stint in business development at a digital marketing agency in Toronto, brought a knack for storytelling and strategic insight.

Pooya, having served as a CTO for ten years at an insurance company and later exploring the freelance design landscape, added technical and design expertise to the mix.

His proactive side gig not only enriched his portfolio but instilled in him the confidence to helm an independent venture.

Fuelled by this newfound confidence and a shared vision for creating meaningful impact, he roped in Dilaira to join him on this entreprenual adventure.

The Speed Train wasn’t merely a business venture, but a manifestation of their shared vision and steadfast commitment to their craft and each other.

Dilaira’s business acumen paired with Pooya’s technological prowess positioned The Speed Train as a venture born out of synergy and a relentless drive to contribute meaningfully to their adopted homeland.

The pillars of honesty, transparency and collaboration became the guiding values of the company, ensuring projects stayed on track and resonated with the core beliefs of its founders.

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